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NEWS Last modified on February 16, 2016

Airport World exclusive: The world’s busiest passenger airports in 2015

With the preliminary traffic results of the world’s biggest hubs now in, we can exclusively reveal the top 10 busiest airports for passenger traffic in 2015.

As previously reported, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport has emphatically held on its status as the busiest gateway on the planet after handling 101.5 million passengers in 2015.

In doing so the US gateway becomes the first airport in the world to break the 100 million passengers per annum milestone.

Maintaining second spot for the sixth consecutive year is Beijing Capital International Airport, which registered a healthy 4.4% year-on-year increase in numbers as it accommodated 89.9 million passengers in 2015.
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Its performance leaves it well clear of third placed Dubai International Airport (DXB), the biggest climber in the top 10, having jumped from sixth to third place on the back of a 10.7% rise in throughput that resulted in 78 million passengers passing through its facilities last year.

It is followed by Chicago O’Hare, once the busiest airport in the world until it lost the title to Hartsfield-Jackson in 1998, which enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in 2015 welcoming 76.9 million passengers (+9.8%) to rise from seventh to fourth position.

As a result of the significant upturn in passenger numbers at DXB and O’Hare, despite a 3.6% rise in traffic, Tokyo Haneda drops one place to fourth busiest airport on the planet on the basis of the 75.4 million passengers to use its facilities in 2015.
The same can be said for London Heathrow and Los Angeles International Airport, which drop from third to sixth and fifth to seventh spots respectively even though they both enjoyed record breaking years.

For the record Heathrow handled an all-time high of 74.95 million passengers (+2.2%) to stay a whisker ahead of Los Angeles International Airport, which welcomed 74.93 million passengers.

Hong Kong International Airport swapped places with Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport – Europe’s second busiest gateway – in 2015 to be ranked eight and ninth in the world respectively.
HK airfield
Hong Kong handled 68.5 million passengers (+8.1%) in 2015 and Paris CDG a total of 65.7 million (+3.1%). 

Rounding off the top 10 is Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which holds on to the final place courtesy of the 64.1 million passengers (+2%) to pass through its terminals last year.

Will any new airport break into the now quite well established top 10 ranking in 2016?

One to watch out for is Istanbul Atatürk, which handled 61.3 million passengers last year to become Europe’s third busiest passenger gateway after London Heathrow and Paris CDG.  

Top 10 busiest airports in the world in 2015

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta – 101.491 million (5.5%)
2. Beijing Capital – 89.9 million (+4.4%)
3. Dubai International – 78 million (+10.7%)
4. Chicago O‘Hare – 76.9 million (+9.8%)
5. Tokyo Haneda ­– 75.4 million (+3.6%)
6. London Heathrow – 74.95 million (+2.2%)
7. Los Angeles – 74.93 million (+6%)
8. Hong Kong – 68.5 million (+8.1%)
9. Paris CDG ­– 65.7 million (+3.1%)
10. Dallas/Fort Worth ­– 64.1 million (+2%)

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