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NEWS Last modified on February 18, 2016

New digital advertising partner for Melbourne Airport

Australia’s largest reaching Out Of Home company, oOh!media, has announced that it has won the rights to new mobile and online opportunities as part of a new long-term contract win with Melbourne Airport.

In a first for oOh!, the company has won exclusive rights to sell advertising for the airport’s consumer facing digital assets, including the Melbourne Airport website, Mobile app and its Wi-Fi offering across the precinct.

Also under the contract, oOh! not only extends its exclusive advertising rights for Melbourne’s T1, T2 and T3, but has won the rights to deliver state of the art digital external and internal signage for the new T4, giving it full coverage of the Melbourne Airport precinct that is expected to deliver 15 million passengers each year.

One of the new signage innovations being delivered for the new T4 complex is a state of the art hanging cylindrical digital banner with directional audio, via a sound shower.

Group director - fly, Robbie Dery, said the digital opportunity was consistent with the company’s wider digital strategy of building up its portfolio of integrated online and offline products.
“The airport has been experiencing record utilisation of their digital assets, with more than 600,000 online visitors each month and more than 150,000 downloads of its app,” says Dery.

“This, coupled with our inventory, gives advertisers a valuable way to reach the highly sought after fly audience.

“By bundling the online digital assets with digital signage, we are able to deliver on the shared vision of providing the ultimate customer experience across all channels that can reach flyers, all while generating further revenue growth."

The agreement will also see oOh! upgrade digital and static inventory for the international terminal in the coming month, with ongoing development opportunities across the airport precinct over the contract term.


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