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NEWS Last modified on February 18, 2016

World's first transit hotel with its own outdoor pool opens at Singapore Changi

Plaza Premium Group today officially opened the only airport transit hotel in the world to be equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and pool side bar at Singapore Changi.

Called Aerotel, it is described as a stylish hideaway in the heart of the Singapore hub by its creators.

Located close to Gate 41 on Level 3 of Terminal 1, the hotel is the group’s inaugural flagship transit hotel.
“Aerotel Singapore is our first airport transit hotel which meets the demand of transit passengers by promising a comfy airport accommodation, swimming and gym facilities, and convenient booking hours, bringing them a brand new home-away-from-home experience in Changi,” enthuses Song Hoi-see, founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group.

“By offering a first class Aerotel service but at economy prices, we are confident that this wonderful facility for transit travellers will also help improve the load factor and yield of airline flights using Changi Airport as their transit hub.”
According to Plaza Premium Group the hotel has been designed by travellers for travellers.

Antique brick walls, fine timber and quality fabric in grey and aqua all feature in its design, which is said to bring "contemporary chic" and an elegant feeling from the moment customers enter the lobby. 

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