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NEWS Last modified on February 19, 2016

Leeds Bradford Airport to hold Recruitment Fair as it looks for new staff in 2016

Leeds Bradford Airport is to host a Career Recruitment Fair on Saturday, March 12, to showcase the range of job opportunities on offer at the airport in 2016.

The UK gateway will be teaming up with over 12 business partners providing prospective candidates the chance to find out more about the different roles available and the skills and qualifications required.

Some 2,500 people are employed at Leeds Bradford, which currently handles around 3.4mppa, but with planned traffic growth it reveals that additional staff will be required across the airport in 2016.

According to the Yorkshire gatway, major companies exhibiting will be Jet2.com alongside the airport’s handling agent, Swissport.

The airport itself will be looking for new employees in security, retail and customer service whilst a number of commercial partners including SSP, Superdrug, Flightcare, car hire providers and World Duty Free will be searching for sales, administration and catering staff.

Additional roles on offer will cover passenger services, cabin crew, ticket desk staff, waiters, drivers, food, beverage and retail assistants.

In addition to temporary roles a number of fixed term seasonal contracts commencing in April until the end of October 2016 will be available.

Tatjana Walker, Leeds Bradford Airport's head of passenger services says: "As one of the largest employers in the region, Leeds Bradford is reaching for the skies and looking for the stars of the future.

"We are expecting significant interest in the Career Recruitment Fair and we look forward to welcoming job seekers to join us to talk to companies and find out more about the opportunities available at the airport in 2016."

The Career Recruitment Fair will be held at Leeds Bradford Airport in the main Terminal building on Saturday, March 12, 2016, from 10am until 2pm.

Free parking for duration of the fair will be offered on the day to all of those who attend within the airport's Free One Hour Car Parking Zone.

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