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NEWS Last modified on February 25, 2016

DFW unveils a US first Apple Watch App

Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport has become the first gateway in the US to introduce an Apple Watch App.

The App, launched together with an upgraded version of the DFW Mobile App, provides flight information and notifications on the Apple Watch after it is synced with the DFW Mobile App on a smartphone.

“More than 90% of DFW passengers are carrying smartphones and want information regarding their travel instantly,” said Sean Donohue, chief executive officer of DFW Airport. 

“The DFW Mobile App and our new Apple Watch app allow us to provide customers real-time information tailored to their particular journey, and another example of how we are leveraging the use of technology to provide an overall customer experience that is warm welcoming and efficient.”

All passengers have to do to get the new App is go to the Apple Store and download it.

The DFW Mobile App, developed by M2mobi, also received an update that features six additional languages including Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

The Texas gateway unveiled its all-new version of the Official DFW Airport Mobile App in November 2015 with customer experience enhancements that allow users quick and easy access to the airport information they need such as flight information, parking and services and by placing that information within easy access.

According to the M2mobi, the robust DFW Airport Mobile App and Apple Watch app are designed to reduce the stress of the traveller.

It claims that it has accomplished this by focusing on the traveller’s basic needs through the intuitive wayfinding functionalities, interactive maps, personalised flight information, and simple yet powerful search capabilities.

Additional features of the App, says DFW, are news and weather alerts on the home screen; enhanced flight search with auto-complete functionality and access to DFW’s official social media channels.

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