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NEWS Last modified on March 1, 2016

Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport and Detroit Metro give reaction to ASQ success

Reaction to ACI's 2015 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) awards continues to reach Airport World, with Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and Detroit Metro among the first North American gateways to give their responses.

Billy Bishop Airport tied for third in the Best Airport in North America Region category, one of only two Canadian airports to make the list along with Ottawa International Airport.

Austin, Detroit, Sacramento and San Antonio were the other airports to tie for third place in the same category in ACI's annual customer satisfaction survey.

Last year was the first time Billy Bishop Airport participated in the ASQ suevey – considered to be the world's benchmark measure of airport – and Geoffrey Wilson, CEO of operator PortsToronto, is certainly pleased that the airport did.
"To be ranked by our passengers as one of the best airports in the world as part of the ACI's Airport Service Quality Awards is an overwhelming honour and true testament to the work that we are doing at Billy Bishop Airport," he enthuses.

"The investment we have made in the airport from developing infrastructure, to partnering with exceptional air carriers, to working with our stakeholders to provide amenities and access is aimed at providing passengers with an exceptional travel experience that makes the airport an enjoyable part of the travel journey.

"Billy Bishop Airport is an asset to the City of Toronto and provides an important gateway for people to come, go and stay in our amazing city.

"This award, and the survey information behind this award, validates the work we have done to date and provides us with an important framework for the future of this airport as a provider of customer service and connectivity."   

Detroit Metropilitan Airport's CEO, Thomas Naughton, was as equally delighted with the results.

“We are honoured to be recognised by our global industry partners at Airports Council International,” he says.

“Detroit Metropolitan Airport has been a proud participant of the Airport Service Quality benchmarking process since 2006.  These awards are particularly meaningful, because they are based on real-time feedback from our customers, while they are travelling.  

"We congratulate all the winners, and are particularly proud to be one of two Michigan airports – Detroit and Grand Rapids – being recognised.”

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