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NEWS Last modified on March 2, 2016

Edinburgh Airport celebrates its 100th birthday today

Edinburgh Airport is 100 years old today and is celebrating the milestone with limited edition giveaways and competitions for local school children planned in the months ahead.

On Thursday, March 2, 1916, Edinburgh Airport began life as a Royal Flying Corps aerodrome named Turnhouse and was a key military base for the remainder of the World War One.

The British Airports Authority (BAA) took over ownership of the airport on April 1, 1971. Initial stages of the redevelopment began two years later and the terminal building, designed by Sir Robert Matthew, was opened officially by Her Majesty the Queen on 27 May 1977.

BAA sold Edinburgh Airport to Global Infrastructure Partners in April 2012 and the airport has since experienced increasing growth with passenger traffic at Edinburgh Airport reaching a record level in 2015 with over 11.1 million passengers.

Gordon Dewar, Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive, said: “How time flies when you’re having fun! Today is a landmark date as we set out our plans in the months ahead to celebrate 100 years of air travel at Edinburgh Airport.

“Although clearly focused on delivering future growth at Edinburgh Airport we have a rich and long history here, and we aim to involve as many people as possible in celebrating this great centenary story.

“We will be planning a series of events including parties, limited edition giveaways and competitions to come in the months ahead.

“Our passengers and adults and kids in the local community will be invited to get involved as we offer limited edition giveaways, host competitions and hold a major party to come in the months ahead.”

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