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NEWS Last modified on March 2, 2016

Detroit Metro to introduce dedicated kerbside access areas for disabled passengers

Detroit Metropilitan Airport is to introduce dedicated area for the pick-up and drop-off of disabled passengers.

It believes that the new kerbside areas, located close to the entrances of both the McNamara and North terminals, will make arriving and departing at Detroit Metro safer and more convenient for all its passengers.  

"Our team is constantly evaluating opportunities to improve or expand service to our customers," says DTW's CEO, Thomas Naughton.

"We expect to offer these additional accommodations in mid-March after dialogue with regulatory officials, members of the disability community, and ground transportation operators." 

At the McNamara Terminal, these new areas would allow customers with disabilities to be picked up at Door 402 of the GTC, which opens directly into the enclosed area of the GTC, and dropped off at the McNamara Terminal Departures Level kerb, just outside of ticketing and passenger screening.

Construction to accommodate this change at the Departures Level kerb commenced earlier this year.

At the North Terminal, members of the disability community, if they choose, could be picked up and dropped off at Bay Five of the North Terminal GTC, which is the closest door to the enclosed area of the GTC.

Ground transportation operators would otherwise continue to use their assigned positions for pick-ups and drop-offs. 

The changes will not be finalised or take effect until mid-March.   

Detroit Metro has a history of working with organisations that serve customers with disabilities, such as Leader Dogs for the Blind and Paws with a Cause, and developed its own On Board with Autism programme for families affected by Autism.

Also, DTW was one of the world's first airports to open an airside service animal relief area (SARA), located in the McNamara Terminal, for customers travelling with service animals.

A total of 33 million passengers passed through the Michigan gateway in 2015.

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