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NEWS Last modified on March 4, 2016

Copenhagen Airports signs 'landmark' IT deal with Amadeus

Copenhagen’s airports have signed a deal with Amadeus to provide it with a range of IT solutions, in support of company’s vision to become the leading air transport hub for Northern Europe.

According to Amadeus, the new 'landmark' deal will see Amadeus provide operator, Copenhagen Airports, with next-generation cloud-based technology and other “far reaching benefits including an improved operational performance and customer experience”.

The technology being provided includes a  Airport Collaborative Decision Making Portal, Airport Operational Database (AODB), Baggage Reconciliation System and a Fixed Resource Management Solution.

Christian Poulsen, CIO and VP for assets and technology at Copenhagen Airports, says: “We have an ambitious vision to become a world-class hub for Northern Europe.

“Our objective is to grow from 25 to 40 million passengers per year, and as a part of this focus we are optimising our infrastructure to better help our airline partners to serve the increasing number of international routes and operations.
COP airfield
“We have chosen Amadeus as a strategic partner. Amadeus has the proven experience and leading cloud capabilities to deliver an operational traffic IT solution which will enable us to meet our goals whilst in parallel ensuring we keep our focus on continued innovation.”

While John Jarrell, head of airport IT at Amadeus, comments: “We look forward to helping Copenhagen harness the power of the cloud through this landmark agreement.

“Airports around the world are considering how new approaches to technology can help increase capacity, efficiency, the passenger experience and open new revenue streams, whilst also delivering more competitive services to their airline customers.

“With the on-going air traffic capacity constraints that exist in Europe we are seeing a shift in the industry as airport operators such as Copenhagen Airports, a company consistently recognised for its efficiency and emphasis on innovation, take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.”

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