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NEWS Last modified on March 9, 2016

Met Office signs new deal with Gatwick Airport

In a new five-year contract, the Met Office is to provide a team of on-site meteorologists year-round at Gatwick Airport, the busiest single runway airport in the world.

Under the new partnership, a team of Met Office meteorologists will work on-site, alongside Gatwick Airport operational staff.  

Working every day of the year, the meteorologists will fully integrate weather advice into the airport’s operational decision making, to help minimise weather-related disruption.

Michael Goacher, airside operations lead at Gatwick, said: “Gatwick has put significant effort into ensuring that our operation is as stable and efficient as possible.

"The weather, however, remains beyond our control. Having meteorologists from the Met Office on-site will allow us to take advantage of live updates on conditions.

"The information they provide will feed into our daily plans and give us advance warning of any potential weather based disruption, giving us the opportunity to mitigate the impacts to our passengers’ journeys”.

Meteorologists will advise on the weather that will directly affect Gatwick and its surroundings, briefing airport staff on the potential impact of weather conditions on flight schedules, routes, safety and efficiency.

Access to such localised and immediate weather information will help Gatwick make informed decisions for all departure and arrivals, and help deliver a greater experience for its passengers.

Abigail Barbour, aviation key account manager at the Met Office, adds: “We’re looking forward to working together with Gatwick over the next five years. 

"This new partnership will allow our on-site meteorologists to truly understand and integrate with Gatwick’s busy and complex operations, enabling us to deliver expert meteorological advice that will help reduce the impact of weather year-round.”

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