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NEWS Last modified on March 11, 2016

Clear Channel scoops new contact with Washington DC's airports

Clear Channel Airports has signed an eight year contract to provide comprehensive indoor and outdoor display advertising at Washington DC’s Dulles and Reagan airports.

The new media programme will span 10 different digital networks on more than 120 digital devices featuring some of the world’s most flexible, state-of-the-art designs that will be full integrated into the architecture of each airport.  

According to Clear Channel Airports, its new partnership with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) will bring new, state-of-the-art displays and interactive technology to both Reagan National and Dulles International airports.

“We knew we wanted a company with the experience and expertise to drive advertising at two of the nation’s largest airports, and the creativity to help us be on the leading edge of the industry; Clear Channel Airports clearly demonstrated the capability to do so,” says MWAA’s vice president for airline business development, Mike Stewart.

In addition to enhancing the air passenger travel experience with engaging displays, Clear Channel Airports media technologies are expected to attract local, regional and global advertisers.

The Washington Dulles programme will include four unique digital networks featuring 75 high definition digital screens and three large format digital screens.

While the Reagan National program will include six unique digital networks featuring 49 high definition digital screens and three 21 foot iconic digital screens. 

Both airport programmes will provide numerous amenities to enhance the passenger experience including digital directories with concession stand signage as well as custom design free phone charging stations featuring digital signage, complimentary phone service and work surfaces.

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