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NEWS Last modified on March 14, 2016

Free gifts at Dublin Airport as The Loop celebrates first anniversary

Lucky passengers were literally in for a treat at Dublin Airport today as ARI celebrated the first anniversary of The Loop retail area in Terminal 1 by handing out free gifts.

According to ARI, customer reaction in its first year of operations has been overwhelmingly positive, which it notes has been reflected in "very strong sales results" in the core categories of liquor, P&C, confectionery and souvenirs.

ARI Ireland's retail director, Anthony Kenny, enthuses: “Last March before the new retail area opened, we had predicted an average +16% increase in spend per passenger. I’m delighted to announce that we have smashed this target and grown spends to +24%.

"Overall sales are also up significantly which once again highlights the potency of ARI’s customer led retail strategy and tailor-made design approach.

From the initial planning right through the design and brand selection process, we engaged extensively with both Irish and international passengers to understand and tailor the offering to meet their needs and create a real desire to shop.

"The overall passenger experience has also been greatly enhanced by the opening of Marqette, ARI’s new F&B offering which has contributed to a genuine world class shopping and dining environment at The Loop."

He adds: "I’d like to pay tribute to the entire team who have worked so hard in the past 12 months.

"Contemporary design, innovative concepts, retail exclusives and deep customer insights are all hugely important, but it’s very often our people on the front line who make the difference between a customer trading up from a €25 to a €50 bottle of whiskey.

"I’d also like to thank our many brand partners for their tremendous support throughout the year; this is very much a shared success.

"The challenge for us now is to build on this strong performance in T1 and to continue to replicate some of the more successful elements such as Candy Cloud, The Irish Whiskey Collection, and The Joy of Giving and Destination Skincare promotions in our overseas locations.”



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