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NEWS Last modified on March 15, 2016

Heathrow appoints four key expansion partners in readiness for runway green light

Heathrow today put pressure on the government to go with the recommendations of the Airports Commission and give it a third runway by announcing the appointment of four key partners to help oversee its expansion.

It claims that the Heathrow expansion programme is “ready to go” and has chosen Arup, CH2M, MACE and Turner & Townsend to help it deliver it, as soon as government "gives the green light".

The UK hub insists that its development would boost the UK economy by up to £211 billion and create 180,000 jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships.

"Heathrow’s expansion programme will focus on creating a world class, sustainable hub airport which is commercially attractive to both Heathrow’s shareholders and the airlines," says the airport.

"It will be tasked with developing a skilled, nationwide supply chain that can expand the airport on-time, on-budget, to world-class standards whilst spreading the benefits right across the country. 

"The client partners have been tasked with ensuring the programme is delivered to the highest industry standards in planning, innovation and quality."
Ian Ballentine, Heathrow's director of procurement, says: “I’m delighted that our client partners are now on board and I look forward to working with them to give the UK a truly world-class, sustainable hub airport.  

"This privately financed, £16 billion project will benefit the whole UK as we work to widen the supply-chain right across the nation.”

Not surprisingly, its chosen partners for the planned next phase of Heathrow's development, are happy to be onboard.

Arup Group's chairman, Gregory Hodkinson, enthuses: “We’re delighted that Arup has been selected as a Programme Client Partner (PCP). This strategic appointment to be a key member of the integrated client team builds on our 30 year relationship with Heathrow."
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James Rowntree, managing director transportation for Europe at CH2M, notes: “Improving access and capacity at high quality international aviation hubs such as Heathrow is critical to London and the wider UK economy ensuring that the country remains competitive on the global stage."

While Jason Millett, chief operating officer for major programmes and infrastructure at Mace, says: “This appointment further cements our longstanding relationship with Heathrow and strengthens our position as a leading constructor and programme manager. 

"The expansion of Heathrow will secure the UK’s future growth and is vital to the country’s economic success, which we are ready to deliver.”
Turner & Townsend's chief executive, Vincent Clancy, remarks: “We are ready to bring our programme management and commercial expertise from airports in over 20 countries to deliver the capacity and global connectivity the UK so urgently needs.

“The Airports Commission has made a clear recommendation and we now need the Government to stop stalling and give Heathrow permission to build an airport of which the country can be proud.”


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