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NEWS Last modified on March 16, 2016

Green light for Orlando International Airport's new South Terminal

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Board today unanimously approved the spending plan that will initiate construction of a new South Terminal Complex at Orlando International Airport.

At Wednesday’s board meeting, a revised Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 2016-2023 that includes the $1.8 billion South Terminal Complex (STC) Phase 1-Terminal C was sanctioned by the seven-member Board.

“The CIP reflects the growth of our global appeal as an international travel gateway for business and leisure,” said Frank Kruppenbacher, chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

“To enhance our capacity to accommodate projected passenger increases, it is essential we move forward with South Terminal construction sooner rather than later.”

Phase 1 of the STC project will include the following elements:

“Funding for the South Terminal Complex will come from several sources,” said Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

“A combination of grants, Aviation Authority funds, bonds and Passenger Facility Charges will be used to pay for this expansive and necessary project.”

Recent record-setting passenger statistics at Orlando International Airport (MCO) have given new urgency to plans to increase the airport’s capacity and ability to deliver the highest level of customer service.

In May of 2015, the GOAA Board revised the thresholds that would trigger construction of the STC to 38.5 million total annual passengers and two million international passengers on a rolling 12-month average for a period of six months.

The international passenger threshold has already been met and the total passenger threshold is expected to be met in May 2016.Orlando T2
For the 2015 calendar year, MCO set all-time records with 38.8 million passengers and more than five million international passengers.

Construction on Phase 1 of the South Terminal Complex could begin as early as the first quarter of 2017 and be operational by 2019.

The scope of the project includes the following details:
• The South Terminal Complex and associated apron/taxiway, will encompass approximately 300 acres
• The total building programme will comprise 2.7 million square feet
• The airside terminal will have the ability to serve both international and domestic flights
• The 16-24 gates will accommodate narrowbody, Jumbo and Super Jumbo aircraft
• The complex includes a 6 story 5,000 expanded Car Parking Garage
• This project will follow the Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) for a planned LEED v4 BD +C New Construction project

The CIP is a multi-year plan of major capital projects that establishes target years for implementation of projects and options for funding. It is linked to GOAA’s strategic goals and projects are derived from the Authority’s Master Plan process.

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