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NEWS Last modified on March 17, 2016

London City Airport invests in new retail revenue-boosting software

London City Airport (LCY) has chosen a software solution by Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) to help manage its non-aeronautical operations.

The software is designed to help it improve the sales data collection process and subsequently boost revenues.

Improved data collection, says CA+, will enable more efficient automation of contract management and analysis, replacing much of the spreadsheet and manual input of data that today dominates most airport commercial teams.

And it claims that it will allow LCY to obtain better insights on the sales patterns and to work with concessionaires to evaluate their performance. 

As a result of the deal, LCY will fully automate the process of collecting detailed sales data from concessionaires and allow the airport to correlate sales with flight data as well as other operational information.


This, it explains, will enable LCY to measure and analyse sales performance through a number of dashboards and reports on the fly, "providing better insights into their sales patterns in order to optimise its retail and food & beverage operations and performance".

LCY's proximity to central London makes it a focal transportation point for those wishing to obtain quick access to London’s financial, business, government and main shopping districts. 


In 2015, airport passenger numbers exceeded four million and this number is expected to rapidly grow over the coming years.

LCY's director of non-aviation revenue, Simon Potts, says: “Technology has become increasingly important across all areas of the business, to improve processes and customer experience. CA+ will help us to work smarter, to understand what our passengers want from retail and F&B and how we can optimise services.” 

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