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NEWS Last modified on March 18, 2016

Biggest M&M's store in travel retail opens at Hong Kong International Airport

International Travel Retail in partnership with DFS Group today opened the largest M&M’S outlet in travel retail at Hong Kong International Airport.

The 35sqm store is located in Terminal 1 and, according to DFS, is designed to offer “chocolate lovers a unique, entertaining and fun travel experience, driving travellers into the store”.

With interactive retail theatre and a focus on fun, it reveals that the M&M’S shop-in-shop is personalised and unique to Hong Kong.

It states: “The atmosphere of this vibrant city is brought to life inside the store with a replica of one of Hong Kong’s iconic dragon boats on display, along with localized artwork incorporating the brand’s world famous Red and Yellow characters.”
Dragon boat
Additionally, the offer will include items that meet the consumer demand for destination merchandise with “Hong Kong Travel Collection” packs of Snickers, Mars and Twix along with a Hong Kong themed M&M’Sbox featuring the iconic dragon boat.

While the key focus of the store is on M&M’S,  products from core brands Snickers, Mars, Celebrations and Twix are also offered based on the company’s ‘Laws of Growth’ belief in ensuring that consumers are offered best-selling SKUs at all times.

Commenting on the opening, Mars International Travel Retail's regional sales director, Christophe Bouye, says: “By offering passengers outstanding retail experiences that first and foremost will make them smile, we are confident it will increase shopper engagement and encourage conversion.

“Through placing consumers in a smiling frame of mind, we believe that this will not only benefit the confectionery category, but all sectors of the travel retail offer here in Hong Kong.”

The new outlet is located close to Gate N28 on the central concourse.



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