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NEWS Last modified on March 30, 2016

SITA names Barbara Dalibard as its new CEO from July 1

Barbara Dalibard will be the next CEO of SITA, succeeding the long-serving Francesco Violante on July 1.

Dalibard joins SITA from French rail operator SNCF, a Fortune 500 company, where she served as CEO of SNCF Voyageurs; which manages all passenger traffic, long distance and commuter services; and is a member of the French rail operator’s Management Committee.

Omar Jefri, chair of the SITA Board and executive vice president corporate management & regulations at Saudi Arabian Airlines said: “Barbara Dalibard has the ideal combination of executive management experience and leadership to strengthen the role of SITA in the air transport community and we are looking forward to working with her.

"She joins SITA, who is well positioned for the future, after the strong leadership of Francesco Violante who over the past decade has dramatically transformed the organisation merging previously separate entities into a single company that delivers award winning IT solutions to the industry, touching every aspect of the travel journey.


"On behalf of the SITA Board, I would like to thank Francesco for his dedication and for his vast contribution to the industry. The Board looks forward to his continued strong leadership until Ms. Dalibard joins SITA in July.” 

Jappe Blaauw, president of the SITA Council and KLM’s chief transformation officer said: “Dalibard is an experienced executive who brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to the role having worked across a number of businesses in IT telco and travel.

"She understands SITA’s business well and brings deep comprehension of enterprise communications with a strong understanding of the stakeholder demands of the travel sector and is ideally positioned to lead SITA into the future.”

Violante announced his intention to step down in the second half of 2016 after more than 13 years at the helm, of which 10 years were as CEO of the SITA Group.
During Violante’s tenure, SITA has achieved consolidated revenues of $1.7 billion in 2014 and has realised year-on-year incremental growth despite some challenging times in the aviation sector.

In addition, his legacy includes SITA’s win of over $1 billion worth of new business repeatedly since 2006, an improvement in margin to record levels and a strong cash position which has increased the overall economic value of SITA to the air transport community.

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