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NEWS Last modified on April 1, 2016

Towering new advertising campaign at Heathrow

Heathrow and Edinburgh airports in the UK have begun to feature an impressive new collection of advertising promotions from EY that are specifically designed to target influential business passengers and 'high net worth' individuals.

The majority of the campaign will run at Heathrow, Europe’s busiest airport, offering a business profile of 38% and welcoming 75 million passengers a year.

EY claims that the highlight of its campaign is their domination on the Towers @ T5, Europe’s largest Out-of-Home digital opportunity.

The huge 14x7 metre screens completely dominate check-in at Heathrow’s busiest terminal, ensuring EY’s message is unmissable to 100% of the valuable departing audience.

The initial campaign will run for four weeks over April, and will start again in June with the support of the runway banners.
These 10 double sided banners run the entire length of the terminal’s check-in area creating instant impact as passengers enter the building.

The combination of static and digital sites will allow EY to communicate a powerful and immersive message to Terminal 5’s audience, which boasts a 51% AB and 43% business profile.

In a similar vein to their T5 campaign, EY are taking over the check-in area of the UK’s newest terminal, Heathrow Terminal 2. They have taken the Global Gateways and the hanging banners, bothimpressive sites that will ensure an imposing presence and exposure to 100% of the departing audience.

To support the arge format campaigns, EY is running some short term digital activity at Edinburgh Airport and the Heathrow Express.
As Scotland’s finance capital Edinburgh airport provides access to a premium business audience, while the Heathrow express delivers thousands of hard to reach C-Suites and business decision makers.

This campaign was planned and booked through JCDecaux Airport UK by PSI and Mediacom.

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