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NEWS Last modified on April 6, 2016

Orlando recognises staff customer service champions

Orlando International Airport is so proud of the top quality customer service offered by its staff that it is literally telling the world about them through a series of 6ft by 6ft placards in its terminals.

Each full-colour, lighted placards highlight several of the airport’s top performing customer service representatives from the past year.

The displays feature the employee’s photograph and a quote about their customer service philosophy.

Operator, the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), insists that that providing exemplary customer service at the gateway is more than just a good idea, it is an essential component of its success. 

Indeed, it states that its commitment to excellence is built on a foundation of 18,000 airport employees, who serve as frontline ambassadors to the global travel community.


"These employees pride themselves on not only doing their job, but going above and beyond their duties to provide the highest level of assistance to our guests," says a statement.

GOAA's executive director, Phil Brown, enthuses: “Our people have really embraced the principle of putting the customer first. Their engagement and enthusiasm for implementing our enhanced customer service initiatives make us all proud and deserves to be appreciated.”

Orlando International Airport strives to deliver the utmost in customer service by focusing on the core target areas of comfort, ease, speed, safety and employee satisfaction, reveals Brown.

The campaign to acknowledge exceptional employee performance supports Orlando International’s customer service goal of “delighting and valuing each guest with the finest airport experience in the world.”

The displays will be updated periodically to reflect each year’s top performers.

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