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NEWS Last modified on April 15, 2016

Cork Airport set to get new airbridge and Norwegian flights to Boston

Cork Airport has invested €450,000 on a new airbridge which it claims will help it meet rising passenger demand.

The new airbridge, the second at the airport, has been installed at aircraft parking stand 8 and following some power and systems testing, will be operational over the coming weeks.

Niall MacCarthy, managing director at Cork Airport, welcomes the arrival of the airport’s second airbridge, which comes on the day that the US government tentatively gave the green light for Norwegian International Airlines to launch flights between Cork and Boston and New York.

“The new airbridge marks a significant milestone for the airport as we return to positive passenger growth," he enthuses.

"It is a strong endorsement of our commitment to continuously improving the overall passenger experience and ensuring we are positioned for new airline partners in the future, particularly in preparation for the impending transatlantic route.”

He adds: “Our existing airbridge, which is at stand 9, is being optimised by Aer Lingus on its 12 daily flights and the addition of the second airbridge is very welcome.”

The new airbridge was constructed by Thyssenkrupp and was transported from Spain. Due to its size, the convoy delivering the new airbridge required approvals from An Garda Siochána.

Bill Daly, head of asset care at Cork Airport says: “There are a number of challenges installing a new airbridge and we received fantastic support from Airport Police, Airside Operations, our airline partners and ground handlers.

"We will be finalising the installation over the coming days and I expect that the first passengers to experience the new airbridge will do so by the end of the month.”

The new airbridge is just one of a number of significant infrastructure investments being made at Cork Airport over the coming months, including the replacement of the airport’s car parking IT system, as it continues to ensure it offers a world-class, award-winning passenger experience.

• Reacting to today's news that the US Department of Transportation has tentatiively decided to grant Norwegian a foreign carrier permit to fly from Cork, daa's chief executive, Kevin Toland, said: “This is excellent progress and a very positive move.

“We are looking forward to getting the pathway cleared so that tickets can go on sale as soon as possible for flights from Cork to Boston initially and to New York in due course. 

"We will work closely with Norwegian International Airlines to progress flight operations from Cork Airport without further delay."

This process allows a 21 day period for parties to make final submissions and a decision will be made in a further seven day period.

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