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NEWS Last modified on April 18, 2016

Frankfurt Airport to open nine new bakeries and snack outlets

F&B provider, SSP, has been awarded the concession to operate nine bakery and snack outlets at Frankfurt Airport.

The five-year contract is valued at approximately £41 million by SSP.

The new units, which are located both landside and airside in the airport’s Terminal 1, will open between 2016 and 2018.

The win will see the company open seven new units featuring well-known German premium bakery chains including Ditsch and two Heberer Traditional Bakeries, which will be located airside, as well as one Wiener Feinbäcker Heberer located landside.

In addition, two well-known bakery names, German high-street favourite self-service bakery Backwerk and two outlets of French-inspired premium brand Le Crobag, will make their first appearance at Frankfurt Airport.

It will also continue to operate two existing SSP outlets – a mobile perfect day café and bakery Kamps Backstube.

Ute Pohl, Fraport's senior vice president of airport retailing, says: “This new venture underscores SSP’s role as a strong partner, which has the capability and knowledge to understand the needs of our customers."

Cornelius Everke, CEO of SSP DACH and FRABEL, enthuses: “Our well-balanced brand offer, meeting the needs of all relevant customer groups at the terminal, was instrumental in securing the new deal."

SSP has operated concessions at Frankfurt Airport for almost a decade.

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