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NEWS Last modified on April 18, 2016

Public transport is No.1 choice for passengers travelling to Oslo Airport

Despite its location 47km northeast of Norway's capital, excellent bus and train links meant that 70% of Oslo's passengers used public transport to travel to and from the airport last year.

According to Norwegian airport operator, Avinor, no other airport in Europe has achieved a higher public transport share.

"Avinor is a catalyst for improved public transport and works diligently to improve the public transport share through a number of targeted measures that make it more attractive to take public transportation to and from Oslo Airport," enthuses managing director, Øyvind Hasaas.

"In 2008, Avinor adopted a goal of 70% public transportation in the ground transport service to Oslo Airport in 2020. We have already achieved this goal."

Worldwide, there are just three airports that can boast of a higher rate of public transportation – all of them in Japan.

Fewer drive themselves

Avinor says that the growth in the share of public transportation has largely come about as a result of the fact that fewer people drive their own cars to and from the airport.

The percentage of passengers arriving by private vehicle dropped from 27% in 2014 to 22% last year.

Buses have also experienced some decline, admits Avinor. Taxis, which currently account for 4% of passengers – are not considered public transportation.

Increased market share to Norwegian State Railway

The most striking change in recent years, says Avinor, is the increased market share for NSB (Norwegian State Railway).

In 2007, NSB had a market share of 7%, it was 15% in 2014 and soared to 21% in 2015. The boost is mainly due to more frequent trains and lower prices.

The airport express train (Flytoget) has held stable at 35-38%, but has lost some ground in the competition with NSB in the last two years.

Avinor reveals that its goal is public transportation to account for 75% of all airport journeys by 2030.

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