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NEWS Last modified on April 25, 2016

Free movies, music and TV shows on offer at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is trialling a free entertainment programme that will let passengers enjoy the latest movies, TV series, and popular music on their mobile devices while waiting for their flights to depart.

As part of a project dubbed 'FRA Entertainment', all passengers have to do to make use of the new service is log onto the airport's free Wi-Fi.

Then, according to airport operator Fraport, users are free to browse an extensive library of streaming products and choose their favourites.

The technology works on tablets and smartphones running on iOS or Android and is currently being trialled at selected departure gates.
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Fraport, which earlier this year introduced yoga rooms and a number of 'silent chairs' for passengers looking for somewhere to relax at one of the world's busiest transfer hubs, believes the latest initiative demonstrates its commitent to continuing to raise the bar on customer service.

The pilot phase will run until the end of May when, based on the feedback received, the airport will then decide whether or not to continue offering the service.



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