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NEWS Last modified on April 26, 2016

Vanderlande reveals a record order book and healthy profit

Vanderlande enjoyed a record breaking 2015 in which it took over €1.4 billion in orders – a rise of 40% on the previous year.

With a highest ever order book of €1.5 billion at the end of 2015, the company claims that it is firmly on track to achieve its strategic ambitions.

It also reported a healthy profit of €31.4 million over the nine-month period for the 2015 financial year.

According to Vanderlande, the markets in which it operates are "encouraging" and it has "performed favourably due to promising ongoing developments".

It states: "The baggage handling market remains healthy and demonstrates promising dynamics. These include the rise in the number of mega hubs requiring advanced solutions, changing regulations, and the continued demand from customers for cost-effective systems.

"The company has taken proactive steps to address these market trends".

Meanwhile, Vanderlande notes that it has expanded its position in the parcel and postal market and is set to further extend its activities in this sector, making it "a substantial field of potential growth for the company".

Vanderlande CEO, Govert Hamers, says: “Our financial position is – and will remain – strong. The markets we operate in are predicted to grow, particularly e-commerce and we are well positioned to meet this demand. 

"We are confident that we are fit to deliver above expectation in our core business, both now and in the future.”

Earlier this year Vanderlande was commissioned to supply a state-of-the-art baggage handling system for Bahrain International Airport (BIA).

The agreement is for the design, manufacture and installation of a system capable of processing 4,700 bags per hour as part of Bahrian’s Airport Modernisation Program (AMP).

And, according to the gateway, the project is expected to revitalise much of the potential in Bahrain and the northern gulf region’s aviation industry.

The system will feature an early bag store with capacity for at least 600 items of luggage and eight reclaim belts. Upon completion, it will help to elevate BIA’s infrastructure and services, and increase the airport’s capacity to 14mppa.

BAC CEO, Mohamed Yousif Al-Binfalah, said: “We look forward to work hand in hand with Vanderlande to deliver a state of the art system which should fulfill our vision to create an exceptional passenger experience.”

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