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NEWS Last modified on April 26, 2016

Nebraska airport to open world's first interactive art gallery

An interactive art gallery – reported to be the first of its kind in an airport – will open at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska, on Wednesday.

Dubbed 'Gallery Eppley by Hudson', the store will be located on the North Terminal.

The roughly 1,000-square foot store, which adjoins a Hudsons Booksellers store, will house over fifty core mid-western artists’ work with thousands of pieces of art.

Included among those are ten different types of mediums such as paintings, bronze sculpting, wood turning, multi-media, metal working, photography, and glass blowing.

A print from world-renowned photographer Michael O’Brien’s photograph of billionaire investor Warren Buffett on top of Kiewit Plaza will be featured at the entry.

In addition, artists will often perform live art demonstrations from both core and guest artists to keep the gallery fresh and enable more art participation, says Hudson.

For example, up-and-comer Shannon Parks will be showcasing silk scarf dye painting while seasoned artist Sally Johnson will exhibit wired jewelry making.    

As the live art is created in the store, the storefront outside will feature two video screens that project the “live” action to passengers to further enhance the experience.

Moreover, there will be two renowned artists on staff at the store: Russell Christensen, a bronze artist that will have one of his famous eagles in the store; and Penny Christensen, the wife of Russell, a painter and author.

“We looked for artists for nine months and had a jury selection process,” notes general manager, Christie Erwin.

“We also tried to choose from the up-and-comer to the seasoned artist. There are a lot of up-and-comers that are very talented but may not get a chance at a gallery.”

Erwin also notes that a lot of local art is being featured.

“Anytime you support local art, you support the local community,” she says. 

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