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NEWS Last modified on April 28, 2016

Emergency terminal allows flights to resume to earthquake hit Ecuadorian city

Flights to the earthquake affected Ecuadorian city of Manta have resumed thanks to an emergency passenger terminal built by the operators of Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport.

The terminal, built by Corporación Quiport to the specifications demanded by Ecuador’s Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC), has allowed the resumption of air services to the city and will serve to boost the county’s relief efforts for its North-Centre Coastal region that has been devastated by the earthquake.

The city of Manta lost contact via air with the rest of the country after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake of April 16 that hit Ecuador and damaged the city’s Eloy Alfaro Airport passenger terminal leaving it unable to be used for commercial flights.
Quiport’s CEO, Andrew O’Brian, says: “We felt, as airport professionals, that it was our duty to help with the rehabilitation of Eloy Alfaro Airport so that it could once again handle regular commercial flights and resume the city’s connection with the rest of the country.”

Nine Quiport technicians travelled to Manta on April 22 to build the temporary terminal over the weekend.

The first step, notes Quiport, was to bring electric power as well as a communications system to the site before the tents that now serve as the gateway’s terminal were set up and equipped with systems and technology moved from the damaged terminal.

Located close to the damaged passenger passemger complex, the emergency terminal offers basic infrastructure for passenger arrivals and departures, airlines check-in facilities, screening control and boarding and baggage delivery areas.
The earthquake’s centre is believed to be have been around 30 kilolmetres from the towns of Muisne and Pandernales, and such was its force that it completely destroyed the central commercial district of nearby Manta and it was felt in Quito 170 kilometres away.

Ecuador’s President, Rafael Correa, declared a state of emergency in the aftermath of the earthquake which is thought to have claimed at least 654 lives and injured another 16,600 people.

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