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NEWS Last modified on May 6, 2016

Airfield rehabilitation project begins at Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport has started renovation and rehabilitation work on the southern part of its airfield.

The work, which has been planned for months, involved the replacement of the upper layer of ashpalt on paving in the central area between the Runways M13 and M23.

According to airport operator, Fraport, wear and tear due to air traffic and adverse weather conditions means that such work is necessary about every six to seven years.

The work started at 11pm yesterday and will continue until May 8.

“The work represents a challenging engineering-technical task as a total of around 30,500 square metres –  which is roughly equivalent to the size of four football pitches – has to renewed in days,” says Fraport.

“Around 8,000 tons of asphalt, weighing as much as 6,500 VW Golf, has to be transported to the site during the course of the work.”

Around 80 workmen woirking in multiple shifts are on site to complete the work.

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