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NEWS Last modified on May 12, 2016

New CEO for Queenstown Airport in New Zealand

Queenstown Airport in New Zealand has a new CEO, aviation and transport infrastructure specialist, Colin Keel.

Queenstown Airport Corporation’s (QAC) Board Chairman John Gilks said that Mr Keel was chosen following an international search which attracted a significant number of high calibre candidates both locally and from abroad.

“Colin brings more than 25 years of relevant experience in aviation and transport infrastructure to the role and will continue to lead our work in providing sustainable air connectivity and infrastructure and a world-class visitor experience that reflects the best of our region," he says.

“He currently lives in Australia and has had a close involvement with Queenstown for a number of years. 

A big part of his role will be building strong relationships with our community and partners to ensure our airport developments are in line with future growth and aspirations."

Originally from the United States, Colin Keel’s experience includes senior management roles at American Airlines, Qantas and Aurizon. 
Most recently, while based in Sydney, he was an advisor to several international pension and superannuation funds on major infrastructure investments.

“This region is one of the most stunning places in the world and flying in and out of Queenstown Airport is an amazing experience in itself," says Keel.

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to lead such a dynamic organisation and look forward to working with the QAC team and community to ensure we deliver value for the region and remain one of the most memorable flying experiences in the world.”

He will be relocating to Queenstown in advance of commencing his new role on June 1.

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