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NEWS Last modified on May 13, 2016

'Strong' traffic growth at Copenhagen Airport continues in April

A total of 2.29 million passengers passed though Copenhagen Airport in April – a rise of 7.6% on the corresponding month a year ago.

"Both our domestic and international traffic is growing strongly," enthuses Thomas Woldbye, CEO of Copenhagen Airports A/S.

"In April, intercontinental traffic was up by 8.5%, while European traffic grew by 7.3%. In other words, we have continued the trend of high growth rates from the early months of the year, thanks, not least, to our new routes and the greater capacity on existing routes."

He points to easyJet's new route to Lyon, France, which opened in April, and to the new routes to Boston opened by SAS and Norwegian.

According to the airport, much of the growth is based on inbound passengers arriving in Denmark for leisure or business purposes.
New routes, larger aircraft and more frequencies are also key factors behind the upturn in traffic, it says.

"Denmark is an attractive tourist destination, and the number of tourists visiting Denmark is growing strongly. Especially airlines such as Ryanair and Norwegian carry a lot of holidaymakers travelling in and out of Denmark, but travellers coming to Denmark on business also account for a big part of the traffic increase," explains Woldbye.

"In the first quarter of 2016, the volume of business travellers inbound to Copenhagen grew by 16%. Our large route network and high frequency of service makes it easy to come to Denmark, and for many companies that it an important factor when deciding where to place their business and investments."

Year-to-date traffic at Copenhagen Airport was up by 11.7%, and a total of 8,397,443 million passengers travelled through the airport in the first four months of the year.

London remains the most popular destination, with traffic to UK's capital city rising by 22.2% over April 2015.

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