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NEWS Last modified on May 17, 2016

Gatwick celebrates 80 years of commercial flights

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the very first commercial flight from Gatwick Airport. 

Gatwick’s first flight was to Paris with the single fare costing £4 pounds and five shillings (the equivalent today is approximately £160), including the first class train fare from London Victoria. 

Paris was one of just five scheduled routes served from the airport in its first year of operation, the others being Malmö, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen. 

Today it serves 200 destinations in 90 countries and handles around 41 million passengers per annum.

Over the course of the last 80 years, Gatwick has played host to many prominent figures including Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana and John F Kennedy plus key aviation milestones including the first ever Virgin Atlantic flight taking off from the airport on 22 June 1984.



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