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NEWS Last modified on May 18, 2016

Dubai to improve road access to world's busiest international airport

Dubai is to upgrade its road system to make it easier than ever to access the world's busiest international airport.

Dubai Airports today welcomed the commencement of an Airport Road expansion programme by Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority (RTA) that will increase capacity and ease congestion during peak periods as the works are completed over the next 18-24 months.

“Over the past seven years passenger traffic has more than doubled and we have climbed the ranks to become the world’s number one airport for international passenger traffic,” says Dubai Airports’ CEO Paul Griffiths.

“In that time we have opened Terminal 3, Concourse B, Concourse A and most recently Concourse D. The investment of some $13 billion has paid huge dividends as now aviation supports more than 19% of employment and 27 per cent of Dubai’s GDP.

“Expansion in the air obviously drives the need for expansion on the ground and throughout our period of continuous and considerable growth the RTA has been instrumental in supporting access and connectivity to the airport for the citizens of Dubai, including the commencement of metro service in 2009.

"The new airport road expansion programme will serve to further enhance access and provide us with the capacity we need to serve the growing demand."

The road enhancements will be undertaken at a number of junctions along Airport Road, including Marrakesh and Casablanca streets.

RTA has confirmed road capacity will be fully maintained throughout construction to limit inconvenience, however, some delays may be experienced as diversions and modifications are made.

Dubai Airports advises all customers to allow additional time to drive to the airport during peak periods… specifically on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and holiday travel periods due to high passenger loads.

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