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NEWS Last modified on May 18, 2016

Philadelphia's Terminal B to be transformed by retail/F&B revamp

The dining and retail experience at Philadelphia International Airport's Terminal B is to be transformed from the ground up, according to the US gateway.

It says that capital investment of more than $30 million will transform Terminal B, one of five terminals operated by American Airlines, with the introduction of chef-driven dining and thousands of iPads.

OTG, which is tasked with carrying out the revamp, claims that customers will be able to experience exciting new food options from some of Philadelphia’s most celebrated chefs, an expansive food hall, gourmet markets and world-class retail shopping in an innovative airport experience.

“Our team is inspired by the revolutionary work ahead at Terminal B at Philadelphia International. In collaborating with American Airlines, MarketPlace and the Airport, we’re all working together to create a completely reenergized American Airlines PHL hub,” says OTG's CEO, Rick Blatstein.
“The traveller’s experience at the Airport will be transformed by incredible Philly chefs, redesigned gate areas and exciting new retail.”

American Airlines' vice president of hub operations at the airport, Cedric Rockamore, says: “American is proud to offer our customers a taste of local flavours and the convenience of hightech amenities at our PHL hub.”

"The transformation of Terminal B is the latest in our more than $3 billion investment in improving the travel experience for our customers.”
The new offering will include eight new dining venues that are anticipated to provide travellers with an array of culinary choices, as well as markets, cafes and exceptional food and beverage service in 15 gate areas. 

OTG promises: "Renowned architects and designers will transform the physical interior of Terminal B into a world-class setting that combines comfort with beautiful, free flowing spaces.

"Customers can expect to see immediate improvements when temporary restaurant locations pop up to offer a taste of what's to come. The full experience is expected to be phased in over the next 18 to 24 months."
“We want the traveling experience at PHL to reflect the vitality and innovation of our great city and we are very pleased to be expanding these options for our passengers,” said PHL CEO, Chellie Cameron.

“We are proud to be one of American’s hubs and our partnership will be enhanced and deepened by this redesign of Terminal B.”

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