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NEWS Last modified on May 19, 2016

Rio de Janeiro's Tom Jobim International Airport unveils new South Pier

Rio de Janeiro's Tom Jobim International Airport unveils its new look today, which it says includes a new pier, high quality facilities and improved services that aptly captures the spirit of the city.

It is also quick to point out that the transformation of the host airport of the 2016 Olympics Games was carried out in record time. 

The new South Pier was constructed in less than two years and boasts of an additional 100,000 square metres and 26 new aerobridges, including three aerobridges that can accommodate the world’s largest aircraft, the A380. 
RIOgaleao Desembarque Pier Sul Fo to Thiago Saramago Cafe das 4
In addition it claims that the airport's existing facilities have also been "refreshed" to offer passengers a more diverse range of services and an enhanced customer experience. 

The investment in the infrastructure and service improvements at the gateway, which is also known as RIOgaleão, is estimated to be R$2 billion.

"The new RIOgaleão is a legacy we want to share with the cariocas. It epitomises the unique spirit of the people and we want it to be a place that the cariocas can be proud of," says Luiz Rocha, president of RIOgaleão.
Tom Jobim1
"Delivered in record time, the revamped airport is the result of a commitment that we made in 2014 to the city and our passengers, and a concerted effort by the community.

"At the peak of the works, the consortium generated up to 7,000 jobs. We worked tirelessly to ensure that what we have today is a world-class airport that captures the carioca soul, and is ready to receive the 1.5 million visitors we are expecting at the Olympic Games. 

The airport will feature one of the most modern duty free shopping areas by international travel retailer Dufry, with 8,000 square metres of retail space including an exclusive section for cariocas brands. The shop will be open to eager shoppers from May 23 onwards.
RIOgaleao Pier Sul Fachada Foto Thiago Saramago Cafe das 4
For travellers who are seeking additional comfort while waiting for their flight, the airport has 6,000sqm of lounges. To be fully operational by the Olympics season, the lounges will be managed by the airlines and an internationally recognised partner.

Travellers, it insists, will also have "a mind boggling array of shopping, and food and beverage options to select from".

The big names include Mr Cat, Track & Field, Quem disse Berenice?, Leitura Bookstore and Granado can be found alongside dining favourites like Delirium Tropical, Palaphita, Mamma Jamma, The Green Kitchen and Havanna.
Tom Jobim2
Over 100 new stores are spread over 24,000 square metres, and will be progressively opened by August.

Spanish operator Global Exchange will offer travellers money exchange services, insurance against theft and a guarantee to repurchase additional Brazilian reals at a fixed exchange rate.

A new Welcome Centre, located at the arrival area of Terminal 2 and manned by trilingual professionals, also opened today.

The centre was launched in partnership with Riotur (Rio de Janeiro City Tourism Board) and Setur (Rio de Janeiro State Tourism Board) and serves as a one stop service centre where travellers can get information on Rio de Janeiro, the airport and other integrated transport options.

The airport adds that rom June, passengers will be able to "breeze through security clearance" to the departure areas at the airport thanks to new bar-coded boarding pass (BCBP) technology.

Bar code readers will control passenger entry through bar codes printed on a boarding pass or accessed on mobile devices.

Electronic eGates will also be implemented in June to automate the passport clearance process.
RIOgaleao Lounge Embarque Pier Sul 00 2 Foto Thiago Saramago Cafe das 4
The solution developed by Vision-Box is available to all Brazilians aged 18 years and above, arriving or departing on international flights. International visitors and Brazilians under 18 years will have to go through the usual clearance process by presenting their passports to an immigration officer.

A new Operation Control Centre with the latest airport management systems will also be operational next month.

The Centre will be the main co-ordinator for all operational teams to drive even greater efficiency, safety and security in airport management. This will be the first airport in Latin America to oversee the airport apron which was previously the responsibility of the traffic controller.

With the launch of the rejuvenated Tom Jobim International Airport, RIOgaleão marks the completion of a major stage of its overall investment plan for the airport.

The concessionaire has plans to invest an additional R$3.2 billion in services and new infrastructure up till 2039.

Changi Airports International, a subsidiary of Singapore Changi, has a 20.4% stake in concessionaire Aeroporto Rio de Janeiro SA (CARJ).

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