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NEWS Last modified on May 23, 2016

Heathrow unveils election style manifesto outlining UK wide benefits of its expansion

He may not be a politician quite yet, but Heathrow Airport CEO, John Holland-Kaye, certainly behaved like one this morning when he unveiled an election style manifesto pledging benefits for all of Britian if the government gives the green light for the airport to expand.

The manifesto is built around five core pledges to secure a brighter future for Britain and reflects the prize for the government if it chooses to expand the nation’s only hub:

– Help Britain’s economy grow stronger, creating up to 180,000 new jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships across the UK.

– Let our country stand tall, connecting businesses with up to 40 more long haul destinations across the globe.

– Meet tough environmental and noise limits, enforced by new independent regulators.

– Improve connectivity, with better air, rail and bus connections from Heathrow to every major town and city North, East, South and West.

– Secure a lasting legacy for future generations, enabling our children to compete in the global race.
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He points out that after considering all the evidence objectively, the Prime Minister’s Airports Commission unanimously decided that Heathrow expansion is the best choice for Britain.

A third runway will boost the economy by up to £211 billion, with the benefits spread across the country, the airport claims.

Earlier this month, Heathrow claims that it cleared the way for the government to support its expansion proposal by meeting and, in most cases, exceeding the conditions set out in the Airports Commission’s recommendation for Heathrow expansion.

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “If Heathrow falls behind, Britain falls behind. That means fewer jobs and less security for families. That is why we must have runway capacity that is fit for the future and build it now.
“We all want our children to inherit a country that is stronger and can compete in the world. A keystone of our children’s future success is an expanded Heathrow.

“Economic security, opportunity for people in every part of Britain, outward looking abroad but fair to our neighbours at home – that is the promise of our manifesto.

"But, we can’t do it alone – we need people across the country to let the Prime Minster and the Government know that they cannot just hope for a stronger economy and country – they need to choose it and the right choice is Heathrow.”

Terry Scuoler, CEO of EEF, the manufacturers' organisation, said: "The brake on expansion at Heathrow is also a brake on UK jobs and growth. While the Government continues to dither, the tally of lost opportunities for UK business continues to mount.

"Valuable contracts remain on ice and this undoubtedly means manufacturers of all sizes, supply chains and regions are losing out."

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