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NEWS Last modified on May 25, 2016

Frankfurt Airport to trial new satellite-based approach procedures

Frankfurt Airport will begin trials of new satellite-based approach procedures for incoming flights from tomorrow.

The aim of these tests is to prove the advantages of curved and steeper approach procedures in the vicinity of airports. 

Run in conjunction with Lufthansa and air navigation provider, Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), the airport says that the trials will take place within the framework of the European research project Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR).

During test flights the criteria 'flight track adherence' and 'noise emission”'will be especially intensively observed and subsequently evaluated, insists airport operator, Fraport.

Besides Bremen and Zurich, Frankfurt is the only European airport to this new procedure during testing.

All three airports have the new Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) satellite-based precision landing system.

Lufthansa will use the A380, B747-8 as well as three upgraded GBAS capable A319 for the tests, whch will last until August 31.

The new sytem will also be tested by an aircraft operated by Honeywell.

Throughout the entire duration of the tests Fraport will supervise the approach procedures with fixed and mobile flight noise monitoring stations and will subsequently evaluate the data.
Fraport says: "With the start of the tests of the new procedures by Fraport, DFS and Lufthansa, the international pioneering role of Frankfurt Airport in research and further development of active noise protection will once again be underlined. 

"The partners involved hope to make an important contribution to greater efficiency and to quieter landing and take-off procedures with this investigation".

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