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NEWS Last modified on June 7, 2016

Austin-Bergstrom begins work on new 9-gate expansion project

The closing and reconfiguration of Gate 4 at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport signals the beginning of the nine gate expansion project on the east end of the Barbara Jordan Terminal.

The gate closure physically prepares the east side of the terminal at the airport for construction, by allowing the set-up of four temporary gate bridges to continue normal passenger services during the construction.

In the terminal, temporary walls and partitions of different heights will be erected near Gate 4.

According to the airport, this will create new temporary gate access and passenger queuing space, for the new elevated passenger walkways to the four temporary jet bridges. 

The current Gate 4 boarding bridge will be removed and new elevated walkways will be constructed extending beyond the terminal, to safely move people and planes away from the construction area.

"This will allow passengers to board and disembark, and permit the airlines and support facilities to continue normal operations," says the Texas gateway.

The temporary gate bridges can pivot with the ability to swing left or right to dock with aircrafts of different shapes and sizes on the apron.

New markings will be made for aircraft parking, safety and other needed equipment for operations.

A construction fence surrounding the east terminal will be visible during the expansion and barricades will remain down on the east apron until October.

The construction schedule is set with intentions to avoid peak travel times and to provide as little interruption as possible to airport passengers and operations. Most of the inside terminal work will be done at night, with outside terminal work will varying.

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