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NEWS Last modified on June 8, 2016

Houston's airports unveil new passenger focused website

The complete passenger journey — from getting to the airport to the quickest way to the gate for a flight — is the focus of Houston Airport Systems' reimagined website.

While keeping the familiar airports address — fly2houston.com — the website’s approach has evolved, turning the spotlight almost completely on the passenger’s travel experience, providing a plethora of information on parking, shopping and dining, flight information and more.

“Customer service is the foundation of the mission at the Houston Airport System airports, and this fresh website approach — with a focus on the travelling public, providing valuable information for passengers departing, arriving and connecting — is a great example of how our employees and partners recognise the importance of fulfilling that mission,” says director of aviation, Mario Diaz.

According to HAS, an enhanced flight search feature not only provides real-time updates that make locating gates and boarding times easier for passengers, it also personalises the information, automatically providing dining and shopping choices near the gate for their flights.
Houston Hobby
And when searching for shopping and dining choices inside the terminals, it says robust search options allow passengers to find different types of restaurants, giving them access to important information about food offerings like gluten-free choices and kid-friendly locations, as well as pertinent details like choices near their present location, hours of operation and photos of the concessions.

Both commercial airports — George Bush Intercontinental and William P Hobby — have separate links on the fly2houston.com home page, and with a click of a mouse passengers can access a menu that allows them to choose the information that fits their needs, whether arriving, departing or connecting.

Arriving passengers can find information on transportation, baggage claim and information that will help them both navigate throughout the airport and find options for hotels, shopping, dining, special services available and more.

Departing passengers can access a link that offers step-by-step tips to help make their trip go smoothly, including parking and drop-off options, checking in, getting through security quickly, and shopping and dining options at the airports.

Connecting passengers can find links that highlight inter-terminal travel at Bush Intercontinental, as well as information about dining, shopping and airport services options both at Bush and Hobby airports.

Mobile HOU 5-20-16
The growing number of international travelers at both airports will find separate pages with helpful information on visa requirements, immigration and customs procedures and programmes like Global Entry and Automated Passport Control.

A link available with information about picking up or dropping off passengers at both airports provides information about parking options, mobile phone lot locations and terminal locations, and the overview page for both airports provides real-time information about space available at the terminal garages and ecopark locations.

The mobile-friendly site — optimised for use on devices like smartphones or mobile tablets — also include information on features like the art collection at the airports, and information on programs like 'Harmony In The Air', which allows passengers to relax and enjoy performances by some of Houston’s best musicians.

The new site also provides plenty of information on Ellington Airport and the Houston Spaceport project, as well as access to vital messaging when weather potentially impacts travel.

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