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NEWS Last modified on June 8, 2016

Budapest set for record breaking year as traffic figures continue to soar

More than one million passengers travelled through Budapest Airport last month, making it the busiest May on record for Hungary's capital city gateway.

The airport believes that hitting the significant milestone two months earlier than it did in 2015, is a possible indicaton of another "extraordinary year ahead".

With passenger traffic growth continuing to be double-digit, Budapest Airport recorded a 12% year-on-year increase last month, surpassing the EU gross average of +7.8%.

The launch of several new routes in the first months of the year have primarily driven the growth in passenger figures.

With eight of Budapest’s largest carriers registering their highest number of passengers in May, some airlines recorded over 25% year-on-year growth including Wizz Air, British Airways, Norwegian and airberlin.

Additionally, the success of long-haul routes to Canada and China has helped further boost these figures, and with new airline partners Air Canada rouge and Asiana Airlines still to launch routes in 2016, this year’s passenger numbers are sure to be looking good for Budapest.

“Reaching yet another momentous threshold, and so early in the year, is a tremendous achievement for us and a direct result of our commitment to increase our choice of passenger connectivity,” enthuses CEO, Jost Lammers.

“Having already achieved the one million passengers in a month milestone of last July – the height of our summer peak season – is a clear signal that the reputation of Budapest is going from strength to strength.

"We’re in no doubt that 2016 will see us witness many more record-breaking results.”

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