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NEWS Last modified on June 13, 2016

Traffic continues to soar at Dubai International Airport

Nearly seven million passengers passed through Dubai International Airport (DXB) in April to cement its status as the world's busiest international gateway.

The airport welcomed a total of 6.9 million passengers (+7.2%) during the month to ensure that 27.9 million people used its facilities in the first four months of 2016 – a rise of 6.9% on the corresponding period in 2015.

In terms of percentage growth, Eastern Europe topped the list during April with routes to the region growing 12.6%, followed by Asia with 12.1% and the GCC with 10.3%.

The Indian subcontinent outperformed all regions in terms of growth in passenger numbers with 1,644,045 passengers, followed by the Western Europe with 1,533,558, and the GCC with 1,252,282 passengers. 

Total aircraft movements reached 34,733 in April 2016 up 4.3% compared to 33,279 during the corresponding month in 2015. 

The average number of passengers per movement was 210 during April.

DXB also recorded a monthy rise in freight volumes which increased by 4.8% to 213,790.|

“We are very pleased with the growth so far this year and with the summer travel peak round the corner the numbers are only going to increase,” says Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports.

“As is the case every summer peak, Dubai International is expected to welcome a record number of passengers.

"We are actively working with our partners devising a robust operational plan which will involve the deployment of additional staff.

"We will also be launching a public awareness campaign to encourage passengers to follow our travel tips and show up early to the airport to enjoy all that we have on offer before boarding their flights."

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