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NEWS Last modified on June 21, 2016

New LINDT store opens at Hong Kong International Airport

LINDT has opened a shop-in-shop concept at Hong Kong International Airport in partnership with the DFS Group.

The store features the latest LINDT pick and mix in Asia, which it says for the first time will take the form of an eye-catching wall feature.

With clear visibility from across the terminal, the new outlet is expected to attract strong footfall into the shop.

LINDT believes that the pick and mix concept will enable travellers to discover a wide assortment of LINDOR chocolate truffles and create their own ideal mix. 

The shop will also feature a bespoke space created for the LINDT Master Chocolatiers where live demonstrations will showcase the LINDT tradition of craftsmanship, artistry and innovation in the later part of 2016.

Commenting on the partnership, DFS Group’s senior vice president for food and gifts, Thierry Canivet, says: "We continuously strives to create shopping experiences that surprise and delight our customers and we are proud to partner with LINDT to do just that with the new shop-in-shop at DFS, Hong Kong International Airport. 

"This engaging approach to the food and gifts segment will provide travellers with a lasting memory of their travels and we look forward to what we are confident will be a successful new take on this exciting category."

Peter Zehnder, head of the Lindt & Sprüngli global duty free division, notes that the Asian market presents the travel retail sector with considerable opportunities, revealing that this new venture is the first of a series of innovative initiatives to capitalise on this potential.
"We are delighted to have launched our latest shop-in-shop concept in Asia and believe that there is a huge opportunity for LINDT in the region," he enthuses.

"Our well-known brand of premium chocolate offers a wide range of bestseller products, a continual flow of innovations and strong activations beyond ordinary price-offs to drive category sales."

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