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NEWS Last modified on July 4, 2016

Toronto Pearson adds to its F&B mix with new pub opening

Toronto Pearson has a new pub, the Beerhive, which promises to become a firm favourite with passengers if its beer selection and light bites are anything to go by.

Located in Terminal 3, OTG reveals that the 29-seat craft beer bar features an extensive locally-focused craft beer selection, and a menu featuring a selection of bar pies, sandwiches, salads and modern takes on bar-bite favourites.

Highlights include the Smoky Bacon Beer Bar Nuts, a Charcuterie Board featuring locally sourced meats, mustards and jam, the Sweet & Savory pizza featuring smoked sausage, red apples goat cheese and rosemary and Tandoori Chicken Sliders. 

With almost 20 beers available, over half the selection is sourced from Ontario-based breweries including Muskoka, Creemore Springs and Great Lakes.

Each seat is equipped with both USB and power outlets, as well as iPads featuring our award-winning flo tech, welcoming guests to plug in and log in while enjoying their meal or just waiting for their flight.

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