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NEWS Last modified on July 11, 2016

Victoria's Secret joins Dublin's growing number of retail outlets

Victoria’s Secret has joined an impressive selection of fashion, cosmetic, fragrance and accessory outlets available at The Loop in Terminal 1.

The leading US brand, which up until now has operated its only Irish store in Terminal 2, Dublin Airport, has continued to grow in popularity with customers.

Welcoming the new store to Terminal 1, Michelle Corbett, retail marketing manager for The Loop at Dublin Airport said: “Victoria’s Secret is a much loved brand and we are thrilled that passengers departing through Terminal 1 will now also get the chance to experience the beautiful range of products."

Passengers visiting the 70 square metre store can expect to find a selection of the brand’s most sought-after beauty and cosmetic products, travel accessories and an assortment of scarves and underwear.

The new outlet is a great addition to The Loop Terminal 1, enhancing the shopping experience and complementing the recently revamped shopping area,” adds Corbett.

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