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NEWS Last modified on July 12, 2016

Going Wild Turkey for Bourbon at Sydney Airport

Gruppo Campari Global Travel Retail has partnered with Heinemann at their flagship Sydney Airport store in a one-month campaign for Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon. 

Wild Turkey is the number one premium Bourbon by volume in Australia, which is one of the key contributing markets of the brand’s +8.8% organic growth in 2015.

Prominently located at the Tavern Tasting Bar, front of store, in an area of high passenger footfall, the impactful activation features several key products within the Wild Turkey portfolio of aged Bourbon, showcased with the brand’s iconic visuals and call to action “Greatness isn’t Pretty”. 
Brand ambassadors lead several engagement activities, inviting shoppers to explore the range and discover their own perfect Wild Turkey. 

Sampling is the core driver to conversion, supported by Wild Turkey heritage story-telling and broader education about the bourbon category, as an alternative to traditional scotch whisky. 

Leigh Irvine, global travel retail director, Gruppo Campari, comments: “As the Australia domestic market leader in premium Bourbon, this is a significant opportunity for us to capitalise on direct engagement with Wild Turkey fans travelling out of Sydney. 
“Throughout June we’ve connected them with the incredible choice in our extended portfolio, delivering increased trade-up throughout the range as well as creating greater brand awareness and trial from new bourbon drinkers.”

Constantin Wiesmann, managing director of Heinemann Australia adds: “This campaign is encouraging customers to explore the excitement of the bourbon category. 

"It has attracted a wide range of shoppers including noticeable interest from traditional whisky drinkers looking for a new discovery and motivated by the choice of age statement options and the iconic heritage of the brand.”

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