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NEWS Last modified on July 12, 2016

Cork Airport unveils the world's first ICAO qualified wildlife operators

Take a look at the first ICAO qualified wildlife operators in world, the entire team being based at Cork Airport in Ireland.

They had the honour of becoming the first to complete because it is a direct result of collaboration between Cork Airport police officer, Kieran O’Regan, and Dublin International Aviation Training Academy (DIATA), which drafted a new worldwide document for the ICAO in relation to the training of wildlife control operators.

The DIATA team was led by vice president, Eoin Ryan.

As part of ICAO's validation process, a course was delivered to members of the Airport Police Fire Service by airport fire officer Kevin Dunne (ICAO instructor) and Kieran O’Regan (ICAO subject matter Eexpert). 

And as a result of its success, the ICAO course is expected to be rolled out to other airports worldwide later this year.

Speaking at the presentation, AFO Kevin Dunne said: “We are very proud to have had the opportunity to be associated with this ICAO course and the manner in which our members have embraced the chance to enhance their expertise and knowledge in this area, which is a core function of the Fire Service here at Cork Airport.”

To mark this very special occasion and proud achievement, Kevin O’Driscoll, senior vice president (DIATA) and Eoin Ryan, vice president of DIATA were in Cork to present the certificates to the newly certified APFS wildlife control operators.

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