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NEWS Last modified on July 14, 2016

Fentress Architect's global challenge and Architecture of Flight exhibition in Venice

Fentress Architects has revealed that its annual global challenge to students this year is to envisage ‘The Airport of the Future’.

Participants are encouraged to image the terminal building of the future, taking into consideration current technological trends and applying them to the near future.

It says that participants should “consider every element of the passenger experience and seek to improve every dimension of the building. Things to consider are urbanisation, globalisation, technological innovations, flexibility, security, adaptability, and the traveller experience from kerbside to airside.”
Design submissions have to be submitted by October 1, 2016, with the prize for the winner including $5,000 cash and a four week, paid internship at Fentress Architects in the summer of 2017.

More details about the competiton are available at http://fentressarchitects.com/sites/default/files/2016%20Fentress%20Global%20Challenge%20AOF%20Program%20Final.docx_0.pdf

Meanwhile, Fentress is currently holding a Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight exhibition at the historic Palazzo Bembo as part of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The exhibition – which runs until November 27 ­– provides a rich multi-media exploration of the past, present, and future of airport architecture, while showcasing the pioneering design work of Curtis Fentress and his team.

“In only a century, airports have become gateways to cities. They are artistic and cultural representations of our highest aspirations, and an indispensable part of our economy,” says the poster.

“How did airports transform from bare grassy fields to thriving cities in their own right? And what changes are in store over the next 100 years in human flight?

“Now Boarding explores these questions and more. Through the use of film, drawings, photographs, and models the exhibition explores the architectural evolution of airport design.

“An immersive timeline presents the major milestones in technology, architecture, culture, and politics that shaped the evolution of air travel.”

Fentress explores the innovations at five iconic passenger terminals at Denver International Airport (DEN); Incheon International Airport (ICN); Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA);  San Jose International Airport (SJC); and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The poster for the event adds that Fentress has arguably created some of the world’s most recognisable airports that that position the airport typology as a “dynamic public space rather than a utilitarian people processor”.

It concludes: “Their designs demonstrate a qualitatively different kind of airport exemplified by an urban and passenger-centric approach to airport design. 

“Their architectural forms evoke the landscape and local culture, and their inspired spaces integrate art, interactive media, and other unprecedented amenities.
“Fentress airports are iconic gateways that return romance and adventure to air travel.”

Now Boarding was developed by a noted team of architectural curators and academics including Donald Albrecht, Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of the City of New York; Peter Christensen, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester; and Darrin Alfred, Curator of Architecture, Design, and Graphics at the Denver Art Museum.
The exhibition debuted at the Denver Art Museum in 2012 and has since travelled to Airports Council International in Amsterdam and the Architecture and Design Museum (A+D), Museum of Flying, and Flight Path Museum in Los Angeles. 

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