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NEWS Last modified on July 18, 2016

Mr Adventure to join Heathrow staff this summer

Just in time for the summer getaway, a brand new Mr Men character, Mr Adventure has been launched at Heathrow.

Friday, July 22, is predicted to be Heathrow’s busiest day with 130,000 passengers heading off for their summer break.

And with 330,000 journeys made by families travelling with children under the age of 16 from July – September, according to the gateway Mr Adventure will be busy making sure everyone’s journey is a smooth one. 

Passengers will be able to find Mr Adventure throughout the airport in new signage just for kids in security, in the free play areas in all terminals and on ‘kids eat free’ menus available in every terminal. 

From Monday, July 18 to Sunday, September 4, Mr Adventure will also be hosting themed activities and workshops, posing for photos and handing out activity booklets, sticker sheets and jelly treats to keep kids entertained.

Families can follow Mr Adventure’s six-part Heathrow adventure over the summer on Heathrow’s official Youtube site.

I am sure that all other travellers will be hoping not to see his naughty daughter this summer, Miss Adventure!

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