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NEWS Last modified on July 18, 2016

Hamilton International Airport names Vijay Bathija as its new boss

Canada's John C Munro Hamilton International Airport has announced the appointment of Vijay Bathija as its new chief executive officer.

He takes up the position on August 2 and according to Ron Foxcroft, chairman of airport operator, TradePort International, brings a wealth of aviation and business development experience to Hamilton International Airport.

“Vijay will provide strategic and operational leadership to build on Hamilton’s strong reputation for customer-focused passenger and cargo service, further enhancing the airport’s presence and profile in the region," he says.
Bathija comes to Hamilton International from Air Canada Leisure Group, which includes Air Canada Vacations and Air Canada rouge. 

Previously, as part of the launch management team for Air Canada rouge, he led the commercial aspects for the successful launch of the leisure carrier. 

His aviation background also includes the position of senior director, Network Planning, at Air Canada; consultant with Sabre Airline Solutions, and progressively senior roles with Canadian Airlines International. 

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