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NEWS Last modified on July 20, 2016

New-look Escape Lounge opens at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has completed the £1.9 million upgrade of the Escape Lounge in Terminal 2 just in time for the UK's big summer getaway.  

The facelift has allowed the airport to expand the lounge and increase its capacity by a third, so it is now capable of accommodating up to 212 passengers.   

According to operator, MAG, its Escape lounges provide passengers with an area away from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal before they fly. 

A new kitchen and bar have also been added to the main lounge, which has been created by knocking two lounges into one.

Kevin Smith, the airport's head of retail, said: “We’re delighted with how well the refurbishment has gone. Now even more passengers can start their holidays in style by taking advantage of our fantastic facilities.”
Originally launched in Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 in 2006, MAG has successfully grown its Escape Lounge brand – adding a second in Terminal 1 in 2010 and in Terminal 3 in 2013, as well as launching at East Midlands Airport and London Stansted in 2014.

MAG has also taken the Escape Lounge concept across the Atlantic to the USA.  

Indeed, it has recently opened its first lounge at Minneapolis-St Paul Airport and summer will see one opened at Oakland International Airport, with a further lounge set to open at Bradley International Airport in Connecticut later this year.

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