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NEWS Last modified on July 25, 2016

Toronto Pearson unveils new-look Node C in Terminal 3

It may not sound too sexy, but Toronto Pearson is confident that the newly redesigned Node C in Terminal 3 will be a big hit with passengers.

According to lead designer on the project, Stantec, Node C has been transformed into a passenger-focused space, full of natural light and dynamic retail. 

The revamp is part of the ongoing enhancement of Toronto Pearson’s Terminal 3.
“When we re-imagined Node C, our focus was on creating the best possible passenger experience,” enthuses Paul Gogan, Stantec’s Commercial Buildings Principal.

“Passengers will remember the original space as dark and uninviting. The retail shops were located before security, so passengers on the air side found themselves with few amenities.”

The Stantec design team reclaimed that land side retail space and moved it beyond security.
“Now, after passing through the stressful, formal check-in and security screening, passengers will flow into this refreshed retail and relaxation space,” says Gogan. 

“Here they can wander, rest, relax, and shop.”

Design features in Node C include the Eye in the Sky.

An engineering feat, the Eye in the Sky is a vast skylight that extends from the departures floor and up through arrivals, bringing natural light streaming into Node C, which draws passengers into the central seating and shopping area of the departures level.
“Natural light provides orientation,” comments Gogan. “Orientation provides comfort. When you’re comfortable, you relax.”

A dramatic chandelier hangs above the central seating area, casting a dappled light designed to mimic the sun peeking through leaves.

Stylised “tree” lamps and park benches, which are lit softly from within, evoke the feel of an urban park in summertime.

The tree lamps double as acoustic ceiling fixtures, helping to diffuse noise in the space, making it easier for passengers to relax and listen to announcements, reveals Stanstec.

“When combined, these design features create a relaxed accompaniment to the vibrant retail neighbourhood,” adds Gogan.

“This design doesn’t just bring Node C up to speed with contemporary airports; it will also accommodate growth for the next 30 years.”

Operator, the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, notes that the Terminal 3 Enhancement Project, expected to be complete in 2017, will improve passenger flow, introduce new and refreshed facilities and retail offerings, and better meet the needs of airport users today and in the future. 

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