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NEWS Last modified on July 28, 2016

Kids want to put trampolines in suitcases – new survey

Left to their own devices, kids would cram all their favourite items into their suitcases when going on holiday, including trampolines, scooters and musical instruments!

The discovery, made by London Luton Airport during a survey of 1,000 children, would mean that the average weight of their suitcases would be around 42kg – more than double the average checked baggage allowance, and that’s without clothes, shoes and toiletries.

Some of the items kids wanted to pack, which could make their parents laugh or cry, included a trampoline (26%), musical instruments (23%), a bike (46%) and a scooter (44%).

But thankfully for most parents, this summer the top items on their children’s packing list are a bit more sensible and comprise:

1.         Book (83%)

2.         Pencils/crayons (80%)

3.         Bag of sweets (80%)

4.         Teddy (73%)

5.         Colouring book (74%)

London Luton Airport spokesman, Oli Jaycock, says: “A big part of the summer holiday experience for most families travelling with young children will be the annual negotiation about what they can and can’t take in their suitcase.

"We don’t see many trampolines coming through the airport, but whatever you’re bringing it’s best to check your airline’s rules on baggage.”

August is traditionally the great getaway for British families with 8.6 million expected to jet off on a summer holiday during the month.


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